Zombie Puns

70+ Zombie Puns For Kids!

Halloween puns and riddles are perennial favorites among children. Halloween provides the ideal opportunity to share a chuckle with pals, and we’ve conveniently gathered all the most amusing zombie jokes we could find into a single article.

With the approach of late October, the atmosphere brims with spooky skeletons, eerie ghosts, malevolent witches, and, inevitably, zombies. We’re all familiar with zombies—the lumbering creatures that wander through horror films muttering “Brains” and attempting to consume anyone they encounter.

However, did you know that the concept of zombies originates from Caribbean lore? They were believed to be deceased individuals resurrected through sorcery and mindlessly obeyed the commands of their sorcerer. Quite terrifying!

If you’re in search of something to ignite the spooky giggles this Halloween, zombie puns are undoubtedly hysterical. That’s the reason we’ve crafted this eerie array of spine-chilling zombie jokes.

From Halloween jests to the zombie apocalypse, we’ve assembled all the wittiest puns guaranteed to make even the undead chuckle. Still craving more laughter? Why not explore these skeleton jokes for additional Halloween hilarity?

Funny Halloween Zombie Jokes

Zombie Puns

By the conclusion of these undead-themed jests, the continuous chuckles will leave you utterly exhausted, while also enlightening you significantly about the peculiar activities zombies partake in during their off-time from their usual staggering and spooking anticsWhere do zombies settle down? At the end of Dead Ends.

1. What do zombies drive?

  • They rumble around in Monster trucks.

2. What’s a zombie’s must-have cosmetic?

  • Ma-scare-a, for that haunting look.

3. What type of crossword puzzles do zombies relish?

  • Crypt-ic ones for cryptic minds.

4. What is a zombie’s choice of underwear?

  • Fruit of the Tomb for eternal comfort.

5. What money do zombies spend?

  • Crypt-o-currency, for secure and spooky savings.

6. Where do zombies soak up the sun?

  • At the salty shores of the Dead Sea.

7. Where do the stylish undead shop?

  • Aberzombie and Fitch, for the latest in zombie fashion.

8. Where do zombies sail the spooky seas?

  • Lake Eerie.

9. How do zombies travel long distances?

  • They take scare planes.

Spooky Puns About Zombies

These puns play on the typical characteristics and behaviors associated with zombies in popular culture, such as their slow movements, decrepit appearance, and craving for brains. The jokes are crafted to evoke both amusement and a mild sense of spookiness, making them especially popular around Halloween. 

They often involve clever wordplay and double meanings that tie into the themes of horror and the undead, appealing to audiences who enjoy a lighthearted take on the otherwise grim zombie trope.

10. What is a zombie’s least favored trivia inquiry?

  • An effortless question.

11. What do undead performers undertake before their act?

  • They practice again.

12. Which location offers the highest safety during a zombie outbreak?

  • The family room.

13. Why did the zombie seek medical advice?

  • Due to his persistent coughing.

14. Why refrain from feeding on humorists if you’re a zombie?

  • Their flavor is peculiar.

15. Why is a zombie unlikely to secure employment?

  • They prefer candidates with more vitality.

16. What is the term for a lineup of zombies?

  • A final boundary.

17. How do zombies greet someone?

  • Delighted to devour you.

18. What is the opening for a zombie’s correspondence?

  • To whom it may concern, from the grave…

19. What do you call a zombie behind the wheel of a luxury sports car?

  • A fast-moving undead.

Halloween Funny Bones

Zombie Puns

These jokes play with the imagery and concepts associated with skeletons—such as bones, and skulls, and the humorous idea of skeletons participating in everyday activities or expressing human emotions and behaviors.

The term “funny bones” itself is a playful take on the human body part known for being particularly sensitive, adding a layer of humor to the puns.

Here are some skeleton-themed jokes that fit the “Halloween Funny Bones” theme:

20. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?

  • Because he had nobody to go with!

21. What do skeletons say before they begin dining?

  • Bone appétit!

22. Why do skeletons make calm teachers?

  • Nothing gets under their skin!

23. How do skeletons communicate?

  • They use a telephone!

24. What do you call a skeleton who won’t work?

  • Lazy bones!

25. Why did the skeleton climb up the tree?

  • Because a dog was after his bones!

26. What’s a skeleton’s favorite musical instrument?

  • The trombone!

27. Why don’t skeletons fight each other?

  • They don’t have the guts.

Popular Zombies’ Puns

Zombie puns are a fun way to inject some humor into the often grim zombie genre. Here are some popular zombie-themed jokes that play on typical zombie characteristics and the broader themes of the undead:

28. What do zombies say when they introduce themselves?

“Pleased to eat you!”

29. Why did the zombie ignore all his new Facebook friends?

  • He was still digesting his last friend “bytes”

30. What do zombies order at a restaurant?

“Just a bite.”

31. What do you get when you cross a zombie with a snowman?


32. Why did the zombie go to school?

He wanted to improve his “dead” education!

33. What kind of streets do zombies like the best?

Dead ends.

34. What is a zombie’s favorite mode of transportation?

A blood vessel.

35. What do you call a zombie who writes music?

A decomposer.

36. Why don’t zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?

Because they prefer to eat the fingers separately!

37. What do zombies do at a sleepover?

They tell deadtime stories.

38. He was still digesting his old ones!

They tell deadtime stories.

Cute Halloween Puns

Zombie Puns

These puns often involve characters and symbols commonly associated with the holiday, such as pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and vampires. The emphasis on cuteness means the puns are designed to be amusing and endearing rather than scary, making them suitable for audiences of all ages, especially children.

These puns are ideal for casual conversation, greeting cards, party invitations, or social media posts where a cheerful and festive tone is desired during the Halloween season.

Here are some Cute Halloween puns that are perfect for bringing a smile to faces of all ages during the spooky season:

39. What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?

  • Squash!

40. What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?

  • A sand-witch.

41. What is a ghost’s favorite fruit?

  • Boo-berries.

42. Why did the vampire read the newspaper?

  • He heard it had great circulation.

43. What kind of dog does Dracula have?

  • A bloodhound!

44. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?

  • He had nobody to go with!

45. What do you call a fat pumpkin?

  • A pumpkin.

46. Why are ghosts bad liars?

  • Because you can see right through them!

47. What room does a ghost not need in its house?

  • A living room

48. What do you call a cleaning skeleton?

  • The grim sweeper.

Unique Zombie Jokes

Zombies might be mindless, but our jokes about them certainly aren’t! Whether you’re a horror aficionado or just in need of a ghastly good laugh, our collection of unique zombie jokes will tickle your funny bone and possibly even wake the dead. So, grab your survival gear and prepare to laugh until it hurts. These jokes are guaranteed to bring some life to your zombie-loving heart!

49: What do zombies eat for dinner?

  • “Brrraaaiiinnn food!”

50: Why did the zombie go to school?

  • He wanted to improve his “dead” education!

51: What do you call a zombie who writes music?

  • A decomposer!

52: Why don’t zombies eat clowns?

  • They taste funny.

53: What’s a zombie’s favorite bean?

  • A human bean.

54: How do zombies serve their food?

  • On a “ghoul” platter!

55: Why did the zombie stay home from the party?

  • He felt rotten!

56: What kind of dog does a zombie prefer?

  • A bloodhound!

57: What do you call a fast zombie?

  • “Zoom-bie!”

58: Why did the zombie go to therapy?

  • To deal with his “dead” issues!

59: What is a zombie’s favorite weather?

  • Fog, because it’s brain mist!

60: Why did the zombie start a garden?

  • He heard it was a great way to grow more “flesh” vegetables!

61: What type of shoes do zombies wear?

  • Stumblers!

62: What do you get when you cross a zombie and a snowman?

  • Frostbite.

63: How do zombies keep their hair in place?

  • With scare-spray!

64: What do you call a zombie who cooks?

  • A dead chef!

65: What’s a zombie’s least favorite room?

  • The living room!

67: Why don’t zombies like to argue?

  • They don’t have a leg to stand on!

68: What do you call it when a zombie forgets to eat?

  • Dead hungry!

69: Why did the zombie ignore all his Facebook friends?

  • He was still digesting his last friend and didn’t have room for “bytes”!


zombie puns offer a lighthearted and humorous take on the typically grim and frightening theme of zombies. These puns cleverly twist the characteristics and stereotypes of zombies, blending horror with humor to create jokes that are both amusing and accessible to a wide audience.

Whether used in social settings, as part of Halloween festivities, or simply to lighten the mood, zombie puns demonstrate that even the undead can be a source of laughter. By mixing macabre themes with witty wordplay, these puns allow us to laugh in the face of fear and find a bit of fun in the frightful.

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